FBU Workout

Alex Bennett 07 February 2018

I usually ruin myself with a range of strength and cardio sessions during the week - but my Friday workout always caps the week off. I go all out on conditioning, it’s only 45 minutes of work but during that time I push my body to it’s current limits.

Olli’s patented FBU fitness circuit. One of the most boisterous trainers at Primal gave us this brutal workout, he did not expect us to finish it by the time we had (we didn’t). Working in a team of two people you had to complete 100 repetitions of each movement, between which you had to do either, 200m rowing sprint, 150m ski sprint or 15 calories on the assault bike. The workout is as follows;

Team 100!

Thrusters @ 7.5kg / 100 reps Battle Rope slams / 100 reps Kettle Bell high pull @ 24kg / 100 reps Bear Crawl / 100 reps Wall Ball Shot @ 6kg / 100rep

Row 200m Ski 150m *Air Bike 15cal

Me and my partner for the day Joe Bell, a developer like myself but from over the road at sky decided on what we wanted to do first unanimously agreeing that the wall ball shots needed to be gotten out of the way, swiftly followed by the air bike. From that point on it was a slough through the rest of the routine, swapping when fatigue took us to our breaking point. We had a fairly even split of work too which was good. Giving each other encouragement all along the way! By the end of the workout I was exhausted, but I didn’t even get to finish - that’s something that does not sit with me well.

So Monday of this week I decided to give it a go outside of class, and I didn’t have a partner…

The only bits I cut down were the bear crawls - I managed 60 before throwing in the towel and moving onto the next bit. After almost 55 minutes of work I had finished the whole routine - my shirt had become more sweat than material and the ache is still reverberating my body.

The rest of the week I begin a brand new routine of strength building which I will document in another blog post - I will be running this new routine for 4 weeks and it will consist of 3 days strength 3 days cardio per week. Plus I’m back to my keto diet after having a bit of a cheat week, so my goal is still in sight and I will be working towards it full throttle over the next few months!


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