Goals for 2018

Alex Bennett 04 January 2018

Last year I began a journey, I joined a gym close to where I work and started going regularly for the first time in my life. One month in I had dropped 12% body fat and was hooked. Since then I have taken to a routine of 5 days a week training (minimum) - the results have shocked me, and those who know me well! Having always been the ‘fat kid’ and transforming into someone who looks like they belong in a gym was something I didn’t think I would ever achieve. On the back of my success last year I have even bigger plans for 2018.

Goal 1: Quit my bad habits We all have them, some worse than others - of my bad habits, I am down to one (as a result of a productive but hellish 2017). My main goal for this year is to kick a 7-year habit on its head and while it may be a taboo to publically declare this, I intend to quit smoking cannabis - for good!

I have never been a massive drinker and 2017 put the final nail on the coffin of me ever being a drinker - during the year I probably consumed a whole 5 units of alcohol on various social occasions, culminating with a half glass of prosecco on new years which I drank to not seem rude as it was thrust at me as soon as I entered the room!

So far I’m a week in, and I feel so much better than I thought possible, turns out being lucid most of the time isn’t the drag id built it up to be. The biggest difference so far in my routine, as a result, is I’m going to bed way earlier than I would normally. Giving me a much better nights sleep and I’m waking up naturally and refreshed hours before my old alarms. The main reason I want to quit isn’t that I don’t enjoy the substance anymore, it’s simply too expensive a habit to keep up when I have other far more important plans afoot.

Goal 2: The Fabled male 6 pack Over Christmas, I indulged in gluttony as my last hurrah for bad eating after a year of semi-strict paleo dieting, but given the season I didn’t want to limit myself to my diet of the last year. I wanted to actually enjoy Christmas and all the goodies and amazing meals it entails. I didn’t bother getting my stats before December so started the new year at a Body Fat content of 21%, probably up a little from where I was in November but that’s fine. I am now on a keto based diet and back to the gym for my usual 5 sessions a week doing a split of 3 days cardio / 2 days strength. In the next 30 days, I intend to cut up to 10% body fat bringing me well within reach of my goal. With an additional cut planned just before the festival season! I intend to acheive this by using the keto or “Atkins” diet, reducing my carbohydrate and sugar intake to nothing and increasing my fat intake by around 60%, I am currently in the middle of the change and experience symptoms of keto-flu but those should pass soon as my body begins to break fat down for energy.

Goal 3: Read more! I am an avid reader, or at least I was - these days I tend to read more articles online than actual books, so It is my intention for this year to devour a pile of half-read or totally unread books in my home.

Goal 4: React/Vue Late last year I bought a Udemy masterclass on React/Redux & another on Vue.js but being busy over the festive period means I haven’t made much of an impact on it yet, so that’s a must this year - I have some knowledge of both but I really want to nail my understanding of these frameworks this year and start building awesome things with them. With the movement in front-end of the last few years and the slow death of Angular I think not learning React/Vue would leave a front-end dev in the dust and struggle to find work in the next few years, so whilst I am behind the curve I do intend to rapidly catch up.


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