What I did at the gym this week

Alex Bennett 15 January 2018

This isn’t a progress blog post, that will come when I reach my penultimate goal, this is just a way for me to track what workouts I’m doing week to week outside of my app’s. However, I will give a slight backstory;

I have always been the overweight kid, I was the fat kid in school/high school/university and then my early adult life I ballooned even more with stresses of work and the readily availability of fast food near one of my first jobs.

In November of 2016, I joined a gym close to where I work, (Primal) - I began going once or twice a week to classes and once or twice with a work colleague. I was grossly unfit and didn’t particularly enjoy myself, but I had always wanted to make a change. In January of 2017, they began a “total body transformation” course, which was a three month guided training and nutritional programme, it was during this time I became hooked. In my first month I dropped 12% body fat, the results shocked me and the wave of compliments I received spurred me on to make it one of my main hobbies. Since then I have learnt a whole bunch about dieting and nutrition, training and exercises and ultimately more about my body than I thought possible. My current routine consists of 5 sessions during the week on my lunch break lasting an hour and a half each. I do a mix of workouts in this time, depending on my goal that month its typically fat loss or strength building, or a combination.I also radically changed my diet, quit drinking & smoking during this time, of course, diet is 90% of the battle and prior to me making this change, my diet was horrific.

I will publish a whole story of how I did it when I eventually get to the point of my ultimate goal, the fat “before” and the “after”. This series of posts will detail what I have done day to day, week to week in the hopes other who struggle to figure out what to do get some inspiration, or just for me to look back on with fond memories.

January 15th

Monday 15th

Monday of this week is a fat loss day, heavy cardio followed by a little strength work. For the last two weeks, I have been doing bodywork Tabata style cardio and I felt like doing something different today so I put together a little CrossFit routine.


Wall Balls @ 8kg Thrusters @ 30kg Box Jumps @ 20” Single Arm Snatch (ea) @ 20kg

I ran through this series, on the minute every minute with 90 seconds rests in between 5 times in total. So working for around 25mins almost non stop - I was a sweaty mess by the end, but I usually am at the end of whatever it is I do anyway, it’s always a good sign you’ve put the work in if your gym top becomes more sweat than the material halfway through. Afterwards, I did a simple strength session focussing on Arms - Triceps & Biceps.

Inclined Bicept Curl (ea) x6 for 3 @ 17.5kg Barbell Curl x6 for 3 @ 40kg Preacher Curl (ea) x12 for 2 @ 17.5kg then 15kg Seated Tricept Extension x8 for 2 @ 35kg Single Arm Tricept Extension (ea) x12 for 2 @ 40kg

I enjoyed today’s even though I felt I lacked the energy for it somewhat, I went to bed maybe an hour later than I should and didn’t jump out of bed on my first alarm this morning, plus been on a strict Ketogenic diet probably doesn’t help the energy reserves. Time for some sausage balls and salad along with a variety of supplements in the form of pills to recharge and an afternoon of code!

Tuesday 16th

Today was a strength day, nice and easy if not for the timed circuit - it involved a little core work to begin and then straight into 2 circuits in total, each containing 4 exercises, the first group were sets of 6 and the second group were sets of 10.

The idea is to burn through it as quickly as possible, giving yourself 90 seconds to recover between each circuit. So in effect, it becomes a cardio routine, so less weight - quicker reps. In all, it took me around 50 minutes of work so the rest of my time I used to stretch out.

  1. Swiss Ball Plank Circle x2 for 60 seconds, rest 90 seconds

2a. Dumbell Romanian Deadlift x 6 @ 20kg 2b. Alternating Dumbell Row x6 (ea) @ 20kg 2c. Dumbell High Pull x6 @ 10kg 2d. Front Squat to Press x6 @ 35kg

3a. Snatch-Grip Rack Deadlift x10 @ 90kg 3b. Alternating Dumbell Bench Press x10 @ 22.5kg 3c. Dumbell Lunge x10 (ea) @ 20kg 3d. Inverted Row x10

I can’t really take credit for this workout either, its a full body routine I found on Men’s Fitness, check it out if you wanna read the science behind it!

Wednesday 17th

Today I missed my usual Wednesday core class which is a 45-minute class working with a partner, its usually good fun and a really good workout but I was 7th on the waitlist by the time I remember to sign up for the class, so I put together my own core circuit, of which I am now aching from immensely! It consisted of 4 sets of each exercise with 90 seconds rest, completing all 4 before moving onto the next set of exercises.

Hanging Windshield Wipers x6-8 Dumbell side to side rotation x6-8 @ 10kg Renegade row x6-8 @ 12.5kg Ball Slam x6-8 @ 11kg Dumbell side bend x6-8 @ 10kg Turkish getup x6-8 @ 16kg Seated Russian twist x6-8 @ 9kg Swiss ball crunch 6-8 One-arm farmers walk, 60 seconds

Thursday 18th

Today was Part B of the strength session I did on Tuesday, I do enjoy my deadlifts though so this is probably my favourite of the two circuits. Not much needs saying here, if you want the workout check the link above!

Friday 19th

Ah, Fridays - I have to mentally prepare myself each week for this from the very start of the week - its currently the only class I take part in at Primal (don’t get me wrong though Primal classes are amazing). But Fridays class takes conditioning to the next level - I cannot understate how hard I work during this class, and this is while being fatigued from the week of work and hungry from my stupidly religious diet.

This is known in the gym as “Tammy Conditioning” - named after the trainer who takes us through it. I know today involved an assault bike for some time, but honestly, I am in work mode - I just go. There is no cognitive thought going on so I can’t really remember what I did, all I do know if I have been tired all afternoon as a result, I may have briefly blacked out or reached nirvana perhaps.

Now for the weekend, rest and continued diet (no cheat days for me!). I might nip into the gym tomorrow to do a brief stretching session, either yoga or a Romwod. We will see how I feel in the morning.

This concludes my first “what I did this week” fitness post, if you do happen to find yourself here reading through my ramblings I will be posting and updating a post like this almost every week (unless my routine is identical) - it’s mainly so I can look back at what I did and remember what I did/did not enjoy doing. This week was good, I look forward to more of the same next week!


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