Whole Team Meeting - I get to speak!

Alex Bennett 20 October 2017

I was briefed about what I’m supposed to talk about yesterday morning, and I have to speak at 3pm this afternoon. So not much prep, but luckily I’m not talking for all the long, 2 minutes in reality.

I have put together some thoughts on the subject, and hopefully I can ad-hoc my way through things. Here is my script!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

This is the quote I used to pitch the idea of buying some VR kit.

There was no resistance from the business when I suggested we invest two and a half grand in the latest virtual reality technology in the world - a HTC Vive.

For some people, it looks like an elaborate computer game. But, having access to this bleeding edge tech let us explore what we could do through R&D.

That was a little over a year ago, and since then we’ve used our experience in VR to produce a leading virtual reality data visualisation tool for Jaywing Intelligence. And soon a platform that anyone in the business can use to visualise data in VR. In turn, it’s spurred the investment to build a dedicated VR room at Blooms offices.

We are now also experimenting with augmented reality using Apple’s new AR Kit.

We have the skills required to adopt and learn to use this tech, both what is available now and what is coming just over the horizon.

You may still hear the words virtual reality and picture a niche community of enthusiasts or gamers eager to get their hands on the latest tech. But the extent of virtual reality’s evolution in recent years to the point where it is a completely immersive experience has rapidly developed the growth of the industry.

The digital landscape is set for a transformation, one as sweeping in its impact on our lives as the advent of the web or smartphones. With renewed drive in the studio and more capacity for RnD along with the kickstarter fund we have the ability to become early adopters. I threw in an application today for Microsoft’s Hololens by the way Tom, and there will be one coming soon for Google’s new Daydream project.

I’ll end by a quote from a leading technology evangelist Robert Scoble, “Ten years from today, the center of our digital lives will no longer be the smartphone, but device that look like ordinary glasses: except those glasses will have settings for Virtual and Augmented Reality. What you really see and what is computer and generated will be mixed to tightly together, that we won’t really be able to tell what is real and what is illusion”


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